It started as a desire to be a Comic Book Artist and, as dreams often do, it had a series of diversions and detours, which led to something better. Looking for a place to begin, I attended the Chicago Comic Con. as a guest in 2004. The best advice I got was to be an Exhibitor in Artist Alley and start networking. Without much direction, I created a portfolio and was Exhibitor the following year. I was not quite a senior in high school and clearly out of my depth. After seeing my booth, a fellow artist suggested I create a website and business cards.

I went to my tech-savvy friend, Jeremy Shafton, to help build a website. Rather than just a static portfolio, he suggested creating a webcomic. I loved the idea though I had never done a comic strip, only doodles and cartoons. There was no direct inspiration for a drunk angel and the title Flying Under the Influence; it simply struck me. I pitched it to Jeremy in autumn of our senior year and quickly began writing and sketching the strips.

I created another strip that year for my high school newspaper titled Todd and Joey about two students making editorial comments on the state of affairs of our school. However, Flying Under the Influence, despite my initial plotting, would not get off the ground until the summer of 2006. When the Chicago Comic Con. came around in August, we had created the website featuring the first cover and two strips. Our collaboration would continue, but going to separate colleges made it difficult. I took over all art responsibilities while Jeremy continued to maintain the website.

We steadily created strips and I even self-published the first two arcs into printed comics which I sold when I returned to the Chicago Comic Con. By October of 2007, Flying Under the Influence had reached 100 strips. I celebrated the milestone with a new website I designed and ran.  While attending art school full-time, I continued to post strips regularly. My workload only increased when I took on a job as an editorial illustrator for my college newspaper, The Northern Star, in February of 2008. A month later I began doing a new daily strip for the paper called Mythical.

Attempting to consistently publish two strips, one in print and one online, and maintain my schoolwork forced me to step away from one of them. In October, I left F.U.I. on an indefinite hiatus, stopping the story at one of the worst moments. Creatively burnout, I took a semester off for an internship and ended Mythical in December. After an eight month sabbatical, I returned to school and started a new strip, Memento Mori, which also ran in The Northern Star. Knowing I could not juggle two strips and school again, I officially took down the Flying Under the Influence website in November 2009. Memento Mori would complete its run with my graduation in May of the following year. I worked a variety of jobs within the theme park industry in Orlando but the urge to continue F.U.I. always lingered. In 2014, I made an attempt to resurrect it.

However, following the ten-year anniversary in August of 2016, I began producing more strips. With a new website and comics coming, I’m hoping to share my comics with the next generation of viewers.

Thank you for checking it out and keep checking back for more!